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You’ve found your way here perhaps because you are facing one of the hardest things we have to face in our lifetime, separating from a loved one. You need a place where you get to be seen and heard and where someone can help make sense of all the difficult emotions you are dealing with right now. Have you been abandoned suddenly or has someone broken your trust? Maybe it’s already a long time ago since you broke up but you find yourself going over it again and again in your head. Wherever you are in your relationship, you’ve come to the right place. I believe I can help you, I’ve been there too.



Happy even after.


WHAT IS Conscious Uncoupling™?

A better way to break up.

Conscious Uncoupling is a five step program developed by Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT. It’s designed to help people break up in a way that does the least amount of damage possible for those separating, their children and loved ones. Separating from a love relationship often spurs us onto a primitive rage, a need to revenge and even brake something. It’s all very normal. We are actually biologically built that way. Conscious Uncoupling will help you harness those difficult emotions and redirect them into something constructive, rather than destructive. It’s about turning toward those feelings rather than away from them, learning new skills and capacities to be in a relationship that is healthy and happy. It’s easier said than done, I know. But it is possible and I can help you. A better future is around the corner. It requires commitment to a higher intention, willpower to release the old story, and courage to look at our part in it. It’s a better way to break up.

DO NOT END AT ALL. - Merrit Malloy

No one thinks about separating when they are happy and in love. We believe in paradise. Ending a relationship can feel like the end of the world. Everything you built on, is gone. You are lost, scared and your future is at stake. These feelings won’t last forever and you will be happy again.



At the time of turmoil

Separation or a divorce always brings us to a crossroads. We have to choose which way we take. One way is: we throw in the towel, give up on love and seal our hearts from future pain by closing it tight with anger and resentment.

But then there is the other way: The possibility to grow beyond that tragic story, to understand the meaning and purpose of how things went down as they did.
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What’s good about a good break up?

Can’t you just close the door behind yourself and hope that things will be different next time? Sure you can, but the likelihood of ending up in the same type of dynamic in the next relationship is very high.
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1. Find emotional freedom.
2. Reclaim your power and your life.
3. Break the pattern, heal your heart.
4. Become a love alchemist.
5. Happy even after.
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Let’s talk about how we can start a journey together towards healing your heart.

Schedule a free 30 min session by sending a message niina(at)

I coach through video call f.ex Skype or Hangouts.


Time does not heal all wounds, we do.
— Katherine Woodward Thomas




I am Niina Kurkinen-Nyholm, a certified relationship coach.

I am also a Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach personally trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas, and an entrepreneur. I study psychology and do voluntary work against domestic violence.

I have broken up many times in my life, and often it wasn’t very pretty. I have left and I have been left. Either way, what was left, was a broken heart. When I did Conscious Uncoupling, I was able to set myself free from the painful patterns in relationships, open my eyes and my heart to fulfilling and healthy love.

I offer coaching for individuals and help them break up in a way that causes the least amount of damage possible for themselves, their former partners and their loved ones. So that the separation is defined by respect and honour.

I coach by Skype and Hangouts.

We can English and Finnish.

“The goal in a good break up is freedom. Freedom to move forward in life healthy and strong. Freedom to create a happy life for yourself and the ones you care about.” Photo: © Camilla Armbrust 2018

“The goal in a good break up is freedom. Freedom to move forward in life healthy and strong. Freedom to create a happy life for yourself and the ones you care about.”
Photo: © Camilla Armbrust 2018


Contact me:


Tel: +358 44 245 3065






“I did Conscious Uncoupling with Niina. First of all I’m grateful, I got useful insights and practical exercises to continue with.”

“It the six weeks of coaching I learned tools to take care of myself and to handle my own negative emotions.”

“Niina was great at summarizing what we were learning, our discussions were empathetic and perceptive. I was surprised how well the meetings by Skype worked.”

“The tools I learned during the Conscious Uncoupling program, I am already teaching my three daughters. Thank you Niina, you do such important work.”


“I got tools and encouragement for the future. Being coached broadened my view about what was happening in my break up: especially looking at my role on how things happened opened my eyes. I warmly recommend Niina’s coaching.”

“Niina was able to help me see where I could do things differently in the future. I value myself in a way I had never done before. So much that I want to do right by myself first and foremost.”

“The Conscious Uncoupling book works great and I got so much value of going through the steps with Niina. It felt good to talk to her about the openings that came through from doing the steps. She mirrored back with great questions and helped me pack it wisely.”