1. Find emotional freedom.

In the first step, you will learn to harness the difficult emotions like anger, rage, fear and hopelessness that often are experienced in breaking up and to redirect these stormy feelings in to creating a better future. You will learn to regulate these feeling rather that the feeling controlling you.

2. Reclaim your power and your life.

In the second step, you will discover all the ways you gave up your power in the relationship- for example: How you closed your eyes from the clear warning signs, not asking for what you really needed or over functioning in order to get the other person to love you more. It’s time to understand all the ways you abandoned yourself for the relationship.

3. Break the pattern, heal your heart.

In this step, you will discover your “Source Fracture”, the belief you had about yourself that has been coloring your perceptions about relationships for far too long. You begin to understand and life doen’t just happen to you, it happens through you. You will learn new ways to be in a relationship so you can be sure not to make the same mistakes again.

4. Become a love alchemist.

In the fourth step, you will become the unstoppable force of nature that has the power to transform the old dynamics of the relationship to a healthier new level that reflects the true value of you. Clear the air between the two of you and build a future that is respectful and honoring the love once brought you together.

5. Happy even after.

On the fifth and final step you will see how you can bring wholeness to all the loved ones affected by the break up. You will renegotiate old agreements made with your former partner and set everyone up to win moving forward to create a happy even after life.