What’s good about
a good break up?

Can’t you just close the door behind yourself and hope that things will be different next time? Sure you can, but the likelihood of ending up in the same type of dynamic in the next relationship is very high. And, in that way you lose the opportunities presented to you in the forms of this break up: to deepen your knowledge about  yourself, learn from the mistakes made, heal the emotional pain and break the patterns that have been causing this pain for you for far too long. When this work is done you will have the opportunity grow beyond those patterns and to become the person you were born here to be, to love and to be loved in healthy fulfilling way. The shadows of your past will no longer determine what is possible for you. You are free to love and be loved in a way you couldn’t even imagine before.

As a relationship coach, I help people overcome the pain of their break up in way that leaves them happy and healthy moving forward, free to find the kind of love they were always meant to have.

Conscious Uncoupling conquers the primitive need of rage and revenge against the ones that once hurt us. It’s easier said than done, but it’s possible and I will help you. It takes commitment to a better future, willingness to do the right thing for the right reasons.